Straw to Pulp and Fertilizer

The PF – Process (Pulp & Fertilizer - Process) 


As global growth continues, the stream of goods broadens and the

need for packaging has exploded.

Meeting demands while protecting the environment remains one of the foremost goals.

To meet these demands, the PF – Process supplies a globally unique solution.

The PF – Process uses annual plants to make cellulose (pulp) and an

organic, long-term, bio-fertilizer a closed-circuit process.

Without leaving organic or even toxic waste and by that

the PF process is truly environmentally neutral.




Straw is a raw material and is available in vast quantities but goes mainly unused as such.

The PF – Process, developed by the S²P AG, uses

straw in a combined process to make pulp (paper, cardboard) and

an organic long-term bio-fertilizer.


By using straw to make pulp, the PF – Process offers both

ecological and economic advantages to the paper and packaging industries.

The straw by-product is turned into an enriched fertilizer and is returned to the soil.

The PF – Process creates a Win-Win situation for the entire chain.

The PF – Process protects the interaction between nature and man.

It conserves soil, water, air and relieves the climate and environment.